Prepare unique, automated work-paths for every order.

Create unlimited types of workflows with Conduit Office. Each one with a unique set of steps, tasks, work assignments and automated steps. Our easy to use “Workflow Builder” gives you administrative tools to organize your company and prepare the work path with great detail and control. Team members will see exactly what steps are needed for a successful order and how long they have to do their work.

Work States

  • Define the steps needed for each order
  • Set team notes and descriptions for each step
  • Set time frames in days, hours or minutes
  • Advance the work state from any screen


  • Every work state has defined tasks before completion
  • Tasks automate work assignments to different people
  • View work state by percentage of completed tasks
  • Set time frames in days, hours or minutes


  • Staff receive their work assignments automatically
  • Dashboard shows all work due
  • Countdown clock prioritizes workflow
  • Visibility of the work loads by staff member, branch, group or company-wide


  • Document QA / values determine automated work path
  • Auto respond with documents, email or text messages
  • Multiple automated tasks happen at once
  • Program product selection control


  • Dashboard shows all work states, tasks, documents and appointments
  • Countdown timer function on all pending activity
  • View work history for each team member, branch or entire company
  • Historical view toggle on every order
  • Workflow data syncs to your Brightree account

Workflow Experience

  • An easy to understand dashboard displays every work state, task, document, and appointment to each team member
  • Countdown timers show work priority so team members know where to focus their efforts
  • Branch managers can see detailed data for each staff member, group or the entire branch
  • Review productivity for all workflow with on-time analysis in a variety of metrics
  • Company-wide visibility is given to all workflow data by work state, task, document type, product type, payer etc…