Compliance / QA

Conduit Office is a complete document compliance system.

When your staff uses Conduit office, it is as if your compliance officer is filling out each form for you. Your own trusted forms are mapped and stored in the Conduit “Electronic Filing Cabinet” in a manner that ensures that, with each order, all documents are completed perfectly every time.

Form Builder

  • Quickly map your own trusted forms using the “Form Builder” included with your Conduit Office account. Most forms take 10 minutes or less to map.
  • All sales order data will be automatically placed in the correct location.
  • Custom fields like text areas, drop down boxes, and check boxes allow any type of form to be mapped .
  • Rules, roles and conditions are applied to specific fields to ensure they are completed correctly.

Document Templates

  • Every form is created from a mapped template so you know it is correct every time.
  • Apply rules so that no form is sent before it is complete and correct.
  • Your team will view notes you prepared so that they have all of the critical data needed to collect the document correctly.
  • Recipients will read the notes your prepared for each document as they are completing the document.

Document Sets

  • Create sets of documents that are needed for any payer, item or diagnosis.
  • Conduit reads the sales order information and creates every needed document at once.
  • Every form intake through delivery and follow up is ready in less then 1 minute.
  • Document placeholders are applied to sets to keep a spot open for inbound documents like physician notes or clinical assessments.


  • Dashboard shows all work states, tasks, documents and appointments.
  • Countdown timer function on all pending activity.
  • View work history for each team member, branch or entire company.
  • Historical view toggle on every order.
  • Workflow data syncs to your Brightree account.

Electronic Filing Cabinet

  • Team members can only use the forms available in the Electronic Filing Cabinet.
  • No more “Rogue” forms.
  • Administrator control of the cabinet ensures the correct version of a form is the only one being used .
  • Stay up to date! Add, remove or edit your forms anytime.