Brightree Acquires Conduit Technology, LLC

Acquisition allows Brightree to strengthen its MyForms solution so HME providers can improve their order intake processes, reduce claim denials, and improve audit outcomes.
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Brightree Customers

Brightree customers experience the ultimate in efficiency using Conduit Office. The data from your Brightree database and sales orders are used to complete all of your forms and drive workflow. Brightree customers increase revenue and reduce costs when they pair Brightree with Conduit Office.

Seamless Integration

Log into your Conduit Office account and you are automatically connected to your Brightree account. Pull sales order or customer data out of your Brightree account to use in documentation or clinical workflows. Use Conduit to create customers or sales orders while working in the field with a single click.

Single Entry

Completing forms and assessments is fast and easy when you use the information in your Brightree account. One entry of the client’s data in either Conduit Office or Brightree and that is all you need to create every needed form for the entire sales, documentation and delivery process.

Brightree Document Management

Stop scanning your documents as soon as you start using Conduit Office. All of the documents you collect are paperless in Conduit Office so it is easy to put them into your Brightree Document Management account.

Later this year, with our next Brightree integration enhancement, documents that are completed in Conduit Office will automatically be copied into your Brightree Document Management account without the need to index. Conduit Office will also work with the CMN, Business Rules and Document Aware systems in Brightree for a seamless document collection process.