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Brightree Acquires Conduit Technology, LLC
Acquisition allows Brightree to strengthen its MyForms solution so HME providers can improve their order intake processes, reduce claim denials, and improve audit outcomes.
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Conduit Office saves you time and money by organizing, streamlining and automating front-end workflows.
Quickly create all needed documents at once in the prior authorization process or during clinical assessments.
Conduit is the only solution that reduces prep time and staff costs for processing orders for every product category.

Use Conduit Office for: 

HME, CRT, Respiratory, CPAP, Ventilators, Support Surfaces, Wound Care, O&P, or any product!

Never Fill Forms Out Again

Conduit Office knows how to fill out all of your forms. Conduit knows which of your own forms to complete for each order by reading the HCPCS codes, payer source and diagnosis codes found in that order. Every needed form is completed at once reducing processing time and costly rework of incorrect or incomplete documentation. Brightree users enjoy even greater efficiency using Conduit Office. All documentation is created and managed directly from the information in your connected Brightree database.

*All state and Medicare forms are pre-loaded in every account

Paperless Workflows

Send and receive every order without printing paper by utilizing Conduit’s integrated secure email and e-fax solutions. Documents are seamlessly sent out of your Conduit Account with a click of a mouse. Documents that are signed electronically are automatically re-filed and inbound e-faxes are quickly reviewed and filed without having to print a document. The consumer signs many documents while they are with your sales person, RTS or drivers using electronic signature on any tablet, laptop or computer in your showroom.

Single Entry

Conduit Office creates every document you need with a single entry. All client information, items, and sales order data is used to automatically complete every needed document and drive critical workflows. Your Conduit Office account can also be connected to your Brightree account.

Work States/Workflow Visibility

In Conduit Office you create your own custom workflows. Program each task and step for your staff using the “Workflow Builder” in Conduit Office. Knowing what to do is when everyone can see the whole process. Is the order moving through in a timely manner? Conduit will show you every document, task, workflow and appointment on your schedule. You can see every element of each workflow with the current status and history on a single screen.

Profit Analysis

Conduit Office has an integrated profit analysis tool that accurately shows your margins before you even start to collect the paperwork. View the pricing files from your billing software to review accurate profit analysis on every order. Get an easy to understand “Red/Yellow/Green” result before your staff starts collecting the paperwork.

Complex Rehab Solution

Save 60-90 minutes of work on every CRT order. The RTS, sales support staff, CSR’s assembly and the entire team all work from the same workflow. Share and review notes, messages, photos, quotes and all documentation on one screen. The Complex Rehab workflow addresses all aspects of the front end CRT process. Send any document request to your referring clinicians in their private clinician LMN Builder account.